24 Oct

My time in France has provided me with some great benefits. On top of being very happily spending time with my family, there is the added challenge of helping out in looking after the young grandchildren, my grandson is four years old and my dear little granddaughter who is just six months old. This challenge has given me a different perspective on my constant antipsychotic medication side effects, namely my poor motion balance that have been troubling me all these years. I have learned to live with it and seldom complain about it. I have been worrying about holding my baby granddaughter in my arms, scared that if I lost my balance and can drop her, causing some serious harm to her. But now I am perfectly fine, totally confident in holding her, we can even dance together, with her in

my arms. Or holding her with just one arm. I have to be quite creative in order to bond with my grandson. I have managed to come up with a few great ideas and activities that we can have together. I'm very proud and pleased with what I have achieved .So I am now much less bothered by the medical side effects than ever before. Though I do understand that these irritating side effects can be with me forever. I believe that I can tolerate and accept them much better from now on. It is just like having a certain handicap, I just refuse to let it control my life and try to make the best out of it. My time in France has provided me with great benefits, especially in giving me the courage and determination to do things that I have thought are rather impossible. I sincerely hope that my positive spirit and right attitude, my wellness and overall improvement can persuade my psychiatrist that it is time to reduce my medication and lessen the terrible side effects.



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