Be a child

There’s a child in us and sometimes I find it very useful to act like a child again - laugh like a child, show my emotions, talk to myself, dance, sing, do childish things. In fact, I can be happy very easily - a good laugh, singing when I’m not happy, a kind word, a kind gesture, a hug… can stop me from feeling bad. Don’t be afraid to be myself, such as I have learned. Yes, I know I am naive sometimes but that doesn’t mean I’m stupid. I allow myself to have ideals and dreams which some people may think won't happen. I work towards them and at the right time, with the right skills, the right people, at the right place dreams do come true.


One of the most common problems we have is sleep. To be able to sleep well is crucial to our wellbeing. I had always found it difficult to sleep especially when I had too much on my mind. There are many different ways we can find on internet that help us to sleep. I have been employing them and some really help. For example when I start to ruminate while trying to sleep I do Stig Severinsen’s Breatheology and then keep saying ‘can’t think’ in my mind and gradually I fall asleep. We have to look for ways to help ourselves, design our own plans to recovery which include helping us to sleep. Another things about sleeping is don’t go to bed when you’re not sleepy or stay in bed when you’re wide awake. When you can’t sleep after waiting for like 15 minutes, get up and do something else and then return to bed when you feel sleepy.

It’s inevitable that we worry; I worry about not being qualified; I worry about not doing it correctly; I worry about not meeting the deadline… I lacked confidence. I did not trust my decisions. I was impatient. I have been learning some self-help techniques which not only help me to relax but I can sleep. Usually, when I have something I was not certain of, like the unknown of the future, the unknown of whether my plan will work, something I thought was out of my control, I couldn’t sleep. This time, with some old self-help techniques and some newly acquired ones I stay relaxed, and anxiety is gone. Of course, I still worry, but I turn the good worry into motivation and drive myself to find solutions. I also accept that if it comes to a failure, I’ll take it as a fact that I cannot actually do anything about it except to learn from it and find other ways or wait till the next opportunity.

I have learned to draw up a joyful memory, for example, a beautiful scenery which has made me so happy and peaceful, with my eyes closed, visualize it, sense all the good sensations that come with it, deep breaths, say in my mind description like ‘I’m peaceful’ or ‘beautiful’ or any other positive ones. Then feel how my body reacts. When I do that my brain is relaxed, I’m energized, I feel calm. After that I will do something I’d love to do, it can be singing, dancing, Chinese calligraphy, or any art I enjoy doing. Then I’m totally distracted from what’s bothering me. When it is bedtime I make sure that I’m tired enough to sleep, and I make sure that I am relaxed; if I have doubts I do the imagery exercise until I’m relaxed before heading to sleep.

Our minds can change our brains. It is because of brain plasticity, when we practice self-techniques consistently, repetitively, new pathways can be created that change our behavior. It gets easier and quicker for me to feel relaxed when I use self-help techniques often.

We need the courage to change things. One of my weaknesses is lacking confidence. I was not sure whether I had done things the correct way. I always need assurances. Then with these self-help techniques, especially the imagery one, I concentrate on positive thoughts. I become more assertive, trust my decisions, and have patience.

I am impatient, impulsive, and I am overwhelmed easily. With these self-help techniques, I have found ways to become better. I learn and I grow. I believe my future will be good.


Bad mood affecting work

Lately, I’ve been troubled both physically and mentally by the side effects of Olanzapine. My mood just turns real bad once the dizziness has overtaken me. I cannot go for walks, play table tennis, play badminton which are all important to me. When in that mood I can’t concentrate and work. I get angry sometimes and I also cry. Then in order to manage my wellbeing I stop all work, do something else instead. It can be getting up and dance, it can be playing the piano, it can be doing Chinese calligraphy, it can be watching a movie or tv series… anything to distract me from the gloom. It works every time, especially when I laugh over a comedy or just any silly stuff.

What I’m saying is that we all come across bad mood and instead of dwelling in it do something, something we enjoy doing, something that can distract us; and once we get over it we will be fine. I can then start working again. I can put in better effort in whatever I do when I’m in a better mood. So for employers, if your staff is rid of anxiety, stress, their performance will be much better. It is worth doing something to help your staff when they are in distress.

psychoeducation image

I believe in psychoeducation. It is of utmost importance for those who have mental health issues to learn about their disorder and it is of importance for those who are carers to understand what is going through within their loved ones that causes their disorder. We, need support, understanding in order to help recovery. In Japan they have this therapy about doing research with the patients about their disorder in order to help them and I find this very useful. Once we have insight about ourselves we are able to recover.

In this page I will post information about different disorders and professionals will be asked to talk about mental health. Let us get well together.

Anne Ho

Director to ALOVES LTD

I am labelled bipolar. I understand and can feel the pain of those who suffer from mental health issues. Here we are hoping to help those who suffers from these issues.

  • Auckland, New Zealand