29 Feb

These days there are so many disasters happening in the world. The ones I am most concerned about are the protests and police brutality in Hong Kong, while this is not solved we have the pandemic which is global. There has been lots of information on these topics, on social media, on news which are most upsetting. At first I followed closely the ones about Hong Kong but I began to feel unhappy so there is only one way to deal with it: stop watching them, at least not each and everyone of them, then pick and choose some when I feel okay. This is important to me. I don’t want to worry too much and then begin to feel anxious and stressed. Each time I am disturbed I put on the radio and dance or write a poem and the release has been almost instant. I hope you, too, have ways to take you out from similar situations. We need to find or design our own plans to help us whenever we are in a bad moment, we know ourselves best, and listen to our body, it will tell us what works and what doesn’t. Start by doing things you love and turn to nature which is very effective for me. When I am not feeling that good I go for walks, I try to distract myself from the bad thoughts, sometimes doing some simple housework with the radio on can help me too.


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