04 Oct

I don’t think I should wait. This should be released to the world right now. Time shouldn’t be lost when mental health is concerned as people are suffering and suicides can happen anytime.
I have been suffering from chronic anxiety for a couple of months which turns into acute anxiety and then panic attack. At first I thought it was because of the side-effects of Olanzapine I had been taking but then even after I have stopped it or retook 2.5mg and then 5mg just because I thought I needed the antipsychotic meds to help me to sleep just to discover that any antipsychotic meds I took lately or stopped taking I still suffer from shortness of breath, tight chest, cramps, sore body. I then try every self-help technique I know to help myself. It was like a week ago, I woke up feeling terrible, having panic attack again, I sat down and did Chinese calligraphy. After like one hour not much had been improved. I had the music on, piano, classical mainly and then I tried something different. I combined music, heart, soul, body movements, and I danced with my brush on the paper Results came very quickly. After like half an hour the anxiety was gone. I went to see my neighbour who has dementia and she has lost all motivation. I have been trying to stimulate her with piano playing as she was a piano teacher before. When I went to her home that day I was disappointed to find out that it didn’t really work. So I took over a brush, some paper, a special ink holder and I showed her how I do this new technique, she tried it and to my surprise she was back to doing some live painting after trying out my new technique. The next day I left for Hong Kong and I am eager to find out how she is doing. Anyway it shows that my new technique works. I still am doing it whenever I feel anxious. Even in the plane when I feel I needed it. And it works every time. Sometimes it takes longer but it has so far worked for me. It is simple, easy to do. One doesn’t have to have skills of painting, or writing Chinese words. All you need to do is to scribble on paper, you can use a brush, (I’ve found it really works well with a brush and ink), but on the plane I only use a fountain pen and plain paper. I am attaching a photo of my first attempt. Anyone who needs further elaboration I am happy to provide. I intend to do a video to capture how I do it and put it viral so everyone who needs it can see how I do it, but I need arrangement that’s all.  

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