21 Jun

Light and delightful the music goes.  Children are dancing.  Some are wearing rags; most of them are on bare feet.  But they are happy. The music is gaining momentum, the children are laughing loudly as they move.  They have stopped to gain their breath.  They forget their empty stomach; they forget bad memories.  Music gives them joy.

The music is back on. The children are on their feet again. This time they start to dance in a circle. The circle comes together; the circle spreads out—in and out, in and out. They are in unison, they are linked. Hey! Can we adults be like them, in unison and link together? This is a time of globalization, we should be co-operating in harmony and not fighting till we hurt and kill each other. We should learn from these children, learn to co-exist, learn to learn from one another, learn to help each other; the world will then be one, linked together in one huge circle.

Light and delightful the music goes.  Smoothly the music ends.

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