20 Apr

Of course the lockdown has affected some who have mental health issues but I believe none of us wants to destroy what we have achieved during the lockdown period. I am qualified to make such comments as I am bipolar and I, too, struggle sometimes having to sacrifice some of my freedom, but I want to make sure that we do not have to return to level 4 because we are anxious to resume normal living. So I do what I can to keep well and be patient. There are many things we can do to help us through this lockdown, use one’s creativity, take this time to spend with one’s family - take it as a bonding time. There are so many venues where we can get help, go to them if you need to. Covid-19 is not a stigma, sadly mental illness still is. I hope when we eradicate Covid-19 we can also eradicate stigma for mental illness (may still be a dream though, but dreams do come true). Brothers and sisters, if you have mental health issues and are struggling like I do, find ways to help yourselves and be patient, when we come out of this crisis we will find ourselves ten times stronger because we have triumphed over such catastrophe.

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