21 Apr

In the heat of summer,

the plane touched down in America; 

I travelled where tourists would

New York, Washington, Hollywood,

I strolled along Fifth Avenue on a Sunday;

the sun-scorched afternoon,

hot air raised from the ground,

it was like in a sauna.

The place was empty like a deserted town.

I did not question why no shop opened.

I did not even bother.

Streaming with sweat

looking for a cab,

could not find one.

Should New York be like this?

or that I had got lost?

Lost somewhere?

Looking at the map—

two more blocks to my hotel.

I could do that walking

not knowing the length between blocks.

Tired, dying to quench my thirst,

the sight of an ice-cream car 

was my savior.

That soft cone drowned me with relief and delight. 

Such was my experience in New York

on a Sunday afternoon!

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