28 Sep

In France


Tonight’s sunset

Is particularly special

The first one I have

In this country

A country in my dreams


I’m now here

I know I am tired

I need to sleep

But I hold on

Trying to linger 

In the excitement


Looking out the window

The shadows of the lampstand

The houses which are different from home

Is this really France

A romantic place

Where I’ve seen in movies

Read about it in novels

Have always wanted to visit

To experience its language

Its culture

Taste its food

Walk its street


After 27 hours on the plane

It’s all worth it

Coming to the home of 

my daughter and son-in-law

meeting the two gorgeous grandchildren

Holding them, hugging them

Loving them


Miraculously, we don’t have jetlag

Sleeping well and wake up refreshed

Apart from catching a cold

This trip is so far, perfect!




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