07 Sep

Is mental illness that scary? Should patients with mental health issues be classified as dangerous? Is it true that the terrorist simply was mentally ill? I have been in hospitals several times under the Mental Health Act, am I dangerous? Well, someone did say that to my face, but it was out of anger. The last two times I stayed in the hospital amounted to 80 days. Does that mean that they have to keep me there because I am dangerous? I don’t think so. It is more like they are concerned about my safety, my welfare and that I don’t do anything to harm myself. They wanted to make sure that I take the antipsychotic medication (not that I believe that taking the meds only can cure me) before they discharged me and that the Mental Health Act is there to make sure that I take them, not because I am dangerous and have to lock me up. There is already a lot of stigmatisation on mental illness which has caused a lot of prejudice, sadness, fear, loss, please don’t create something which is blatantly untrue to add to the burden of those who suffer from mental illness and their loved ones.

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