23 Jun

I have applied to study law at the University of Auckland. Why? I want to find out how effective is law in countries I am in association with as well as how effective is law internationally. To fight for justice is what I crave and I feel that I am not getting justice, so I fight for it. I understand that I need facts, evidence to be convincing to support my case. At least I believe that I am following this path, and I also believe that I am not given facts by the other party. Of course, I am talking about the Mental Health Act again. I think I have talked enough about my case, why I feel that I’m not getting justice.
Then I have been watching a Chinese TV series which talk about lawyers. It reminds me of a Chinese phrase 法律不外乎人情, law is in fact also about humanity. This impresses me. Law is used to govern misbehaviours, to punish those who act out of law and to protect citizens who are treated unfairly. Yet there are also incidences that apart from law we have to consider humanity. Yes, law should also be flexible. I really admire those lawyers in the TV series who are compassionate enough to make their clients see from the point of view of the other party and then wrap up by compromising. Compromising is what our world needs now. Why all the wars, fightings, killings, it is because the only solution those countries’ leaders believe in is by force. We are human beings and we should be practising humanity. Does it matter whether one country is wrong and another is right and we need wars, fightings, killings to bring in so called ‘justice’? Where has humanity gone? Children are killed, homes are destroyed, problems are faced and the problems affect globally!
This comes back to why I want to study law. I want justice. I want to understand law. I want to see how humanity can come in when practising law…

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