24 Jan

child speaks

'yes, darling, but you're talking too much'

the child's never heard

it doesn't matter if there's any truth

but the child seems never learn

time after time

she's been told off, told off, told off'

we love you dear, but you're talking too much'

yet the child keeps talking

she still hasn't learned

growing up is so easy

she's loved

she's ill, seriously ill

'nevermind we can afford the best doctors

'it's impossible to get well

she talks

but who listens?

no one knows the hidden problem

the malignant cell grows

she begins to lose the spirit

she's so lonely

nothing interests her anymore

she's sick again

everyone worried

anything she needs they shower on her

but no one listens

no one spots the problem

not even the experts

the vicious cycle repeats

she cannot break it

no one asks

no one understands

but! one day she wakes up

so fortunateshe meets people of her kind

she sees herself in them

she starts to know herself

they mirror her

then with a dose of knowledge

a dose of stubbornness

a dose of persistence and a magic pill of dreams

not because she's met a witch doctor

who has mystic power

there's no magic in real life

she wants to be well

she wants to be acknowledged

she wants to be respected

but all these things need to be earned

they don't drop from heaven

they are not gifts from god

she struggles, she works heard

yes, she's suffered

but, she gains

there are good people everywhere

there is love infinitely

it doesn't matter

one day, one day

they will know

they will understand


show not tell

now she sees

girl, you're not dispensible 

no one is dispensable

your effort will be paid

this is LIFE!!!

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