24 Jun

I was sick about the war in Ukraine. I didn’t want to read about it in the news. I didn’t want to know how civilians and children were killed. I changed channel when that came up. Until tonight I saw two lovely children in a movie I was watching, the girl had no arms, the boy had no arms and a burnt chest. I couldn’t hide myself in the sand any more. I need to say something. I know I may not be able to help much but I can write about these things. No one hero can save the world, no one leader can stop wars, no one country can bring peace… We need everyone, every leader, every country to bring peace. Peace can never be attained when there is hate, where there is greed, when there are differences. What can I say about wars, about fighting, about killing? Each one of us has the right to live. We are born to be loved. None of us is dispensable, no matter for what great reasons. We don’t live in the times when soldiers died and became heroes because they fought for their countries. Soldiers shouldn’t be employed to kill. Soldiers should be employed to save lives. And yet, there are countries, there are nations, there are leaders who send their soldiers to kill, for greed, for revenge. Why do we need APEC? Why do we need BRICS? Why do we need all these great meetings among nations? Why do we need peace talks? If we cannot work together for the good of the world? We are approaching destruction. Can we just try to think a little bit more about love, act a little bit more with love, drop a little bit of selfishness, accept a little bit more about others… If each of us can do that, I’m sure the world will be a much better place. This is all I can do, write about love, write about peace and love a little bit more, be a little bit less selfish. If you will join me in this endeavour in giving a little bit more love, be a little less selfish and spread the message to whoever, then we are achieving something!

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