24 Mar

Is mental illness that scary?

Is there no way to heal?

Antipsychotic medication

Is not to cure

They can only suppress the symptoms

Patients have relapsed while under medications

I had relapses while still on meds

People keep on returning to the hospitals

Are side effects worth enduring

When life can be cut short

When quality of life is diminished?

An increase in prescribing antipsychotic meds to new patients

Has reached an alarming state

Despite there are better therapies

Don’t tell me medication is the only solution

When experts, professionals

Stop keep trying

Finding new ways

Moving on

How many lives have been ruined

By side effects

How many patients relapse

While taking these meds

It is high time

For these so called professionals

Who believes only in medications

To learn, to discover 

Better ways

And not just stick to something


It is of course easy

To just prescribe meds

To send a patient out of the hospital

To close a file


Has the problem been solved?


People are returning as inpatients

Or people simply give up on themselves!

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