18 Nov

I have loved watching movies since being a child. In fact, I developed most of my values and morals from films. But for quite some periods, during times of depression, I lost interest. When I have come out of depression I regain the passion. During the lockdown, I have watched so many movies and most have brought me to tears. Stories are told by humans and they are derived from experience, knowledge, passions, perceptions… It is because people share the same experience, same knowledge, same passions, same perceptions, same likes, same dislikes, same values, same morals that we can find bits of ourselves in stories. When I see parts of myself in the stories it arouses interest and reactions. I even begin to understand myself better. This helps me mentally. This also helps me to release unhappy memories and to clear myself from baggage I have been carrying. How does it work? I am not a hundred percent sure but I do feel much better, maybe it has something to do with CBT, or ACT, or EMDR.
Movies can also help me to decide on what goals I should aim at. To me they inspire, they encourage. They are more than entertainment, they are valuable!

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