24 Mar

After reading about National’s strategy on education, this comes to mind. It is important that our children do well with Maths, writing or any subject they learn at school. But I find that it is even more important for them to learn about love, compassion, empathy, kindness, responsibility, and even generosity. All these traits can be learned and the earlier the better. It seems that children should learn these values from home but if they are guided also at school to adopt these values all the better.
When the curriculum and the teaching methods make it interesting to learn, students are more likely to learn well and willingly. In fact students can learn from anything, it is up to the teachers to turn the curriculum into something fun and easy to learn. Of course, wouldn’t it be nice to have trained students into doctors, scientists, professionals but each one of us have particular likings to particular subjects. Some may like art more and some may like Maths more. If students are given the freedom to choose what they like to study, all the more effective the learning. This is why some schools adopt the method of letting the children decide what they want to do each day, be it Maths, be it art, be it science.
I believe in setting examples. A good example is a great influence. This is talking from experience. People of all ages can be influenced when they see a good example. We need love, compassion, empathy, kindness…more than just being A students.

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