16 Nov

Let me talk about my racing thoughts. I used to think that I had racing thoughts because I suffered from Bipolar. Now come to think of it, I do think fast which is why I talk fast and when I feel confident I always have ideas, lots of them and it seems that I can do much better, and more clever; it never dawned on me that I am quite a capable person and when I am well and full of confidence I have lots of strengths. It was only when I was depressed I couldn’t or rather wouldn’t like doing anything, so I have concluded that those are not racing thoughts, it was rather a return to my strengths. I always believed that I had a disability which hindered me from doing a lot of things, in fact, it had always been the paranoia that had time and again put me in distress and adverse situations. Now that I’m rid of it, I feel free and I can pursue any dreams I have.

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