28 May

Coming back to Auckland seems like a relief for me. Being in Hong Kong, undergoing loneliness, sadness, and anger was something I didn’t expect. Of course, the side effects stopped me from doing everything I want to accomplish while there; most of my relatives and friends were busy (I mean those I’ve contacted) and most of the time I was by myself. But at least I have done what this trip was meant to do-visiting my mother. That took up most of the time. I promised my mother that I will be seeing her again in mid-July and I have to keep my promise as I broke my promise of going back to see her before Christmas, made during my trip last November. Last night’s dinner at Le Chef with my husband had been so enjoyable. I totally enjoy life here in Auckland. Having said that I don’t mind going back to Hong Kong more often, mainly to keep my mother company and if I can find something to do there, it will be perfect!

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