06 Jul

After learning about how psychiatrists make a diagnosis, I can see a great potential of making a wrong diagnosis. It is because they use check boxes - ticking symptoms on their list - like doing a multiple choice to decide on whether you are mentally ill. Yes, very scientific, but what they leave out are important things they should consider when they listen to the patients. They are dealing with people and not machines. They shouldn’t concentrate on picking up symptoms that show in the list and make a diagnosis from those, just like one shouldn’t use multiple choice  to decide on a student’s performance in subjects like Literature. An overall understanding of what, why and how a mentally ill patient behaves is very important. I know it’s quick and easy just to tick boxes but the psychiatrists are dealing with people, people’s minds, people’s behaviour. From experience when a patient is heard/listened to, she/he has a better chance of improving and a step closer to recovery!

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