26 Mar

The doctors prescribed me Amlodipine for my high blood pressure despite I’ve been telling them that my blood pressure was so high because of the antipsychotic medications and I don’t have cardiac problems. Why I was so sure about that? When my blood pressure had gone up to SYS over 200, several times while in the hospital, the nurse on duty was very concerned and told the doctors, but no doctor came to check on me about that. Then each time I stop the meds the blood pressure goes back to normal - around SYS 130. Why can’t they think of reducing the dosage of the meds instead?
These days, new patients were prescribed antidepressant/antipsychotic medications when they show signs of depression, then they prescribe patients medications to counter the side effects. This shouldn’t be the way, because any medication has side effects, are they going to prescribe medications to counter the side effects of the meds they prescribe to counter the side effects?
When the doctor prescribed me Amlodipine for my high blood pressure, she doubled the dosage when it didn’t come down and suggested increasing the dosage if that doesn’t work. Since I’ve stopped the antipsychotic meds and on the Amlodipine, my blood pressure drop to below SYS 120 and my dizziness had gone so bad. So I just stopped the med and the reading shows normality.
Now I do my own measure of my blood pressure. I check to make sure my blood pressure remains normal. I have so many questions about my mental health issues and I was not given honest answers. I instead will go back to University and study the issues and find answers myself.

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