21 Aug

How can a country thrive when its men disrespect their women. It is bad enough for a country to have the baptism of war. To rebuild a broken place is difficult. It needs a good economy, cooperation with the outside world, and loyalty from its fellow citizens. A country will not flourish if they go against civilization, stay backward just because of age-old beliefs. Taliban men are more than selfish, the way they treat the other half of the citizens. They are not evolving with time. Don’t they have mothers? Don’t they have wives? Don’t they have sisters? Don’t they have daughters? Do they love them? I don’t believe that every man of the Taliban wants to harm the women in their lives. The world needs women, especially since it has proven that women are important, they have great contributions to the world. Without women, no country can survive. The Taliban men need to be educated, I hope they don’t have to learn it the hard way, through civil wars. Respect, respect, respect. Respect cannot be gained by force. Loyalty comes from the heart, you may punish but you cannot disregard false loyalty. Just think! Women, too, have their roles to play among the men; if they are loved by their husbands, their fathers, their brothers, the roles they pick up will involve love, respect, and there will be a happy family. If a country is filled with happy families the country will bloom. If women are allowed education they will be a valuable resource and they will help build a great country. Wake up Taliban men! Don’t let traditions hold your country down!

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