14 Jul

As a bipolar, I have had several relapses which put me in the hospital. I would like to share my thoughts and experience on getting well. I am against just taking medication. I believe in counselling, talking about my problems with therapists which can work greatly. It was something lacking even inside the hospital, all the psychiatrists wanted was just for me to take the antipsychotic medication. When I was last in the hospital, there was a patient who wanted to starve herself to death and one of the senior staff asked me to talk to her. I spent days talking to her and finally, she started to eat again. So counselling can do heaps, it can help us to get out what’s bothering us. I have been using psychosocial strategies to help myself out of stress, anxiety. I write out what’s bothering me as I don’t have anyone to talk to and it works every time. There are therapies like cognitive behaviour therapy, the open dialogue therapy, and recently I’ve read about the eye movement desensitization reprogressing (EMDR) which really fascinates me and which is cost-effective and works really well with PTSD, anxiety, depression…, why then I didn’t get any of these therapies while I was in the hospital?

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