23 Mar

Today after the announcement that our country is on Level three and will be on Level four in forty-eight hours does not bother me that much. I can be easily occupied by doing creative writing, composing songs, dancing, watching musicals from youtube, watching films… Luckily we are allowed to go for walks, that is something I will miss most if it cannot be done. But then again I can still do some exercise, dancing to keep myself fit. I had been forced to stay in hospitals for long periods under the Mental Health Act before (the longest was roughly 50 days) and I could find different things to do and keep myself not being bored or frustrated, I can definitely stay home for four weeks or more. At least I don’t feel locked up and I can be with my husband all the time. The only thing I would like to stress is that countries should not start blaming one another, it does not help the situation. We are all in this crisis together, just help each other to fight it. This Convid-19 is close to being a third world war so politicians stop acting like children doing the blaming game!!! We can get over it together!

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