03 Apr

Today I got another call from a nurse from Waimarino who confirmed that either I agree to take treatment or I will have to be taken to the hospital by force. I demanded a session with the psychiatrists and a choice of psychiatrist but was told the psychiatrists override these rights. I again told her that I would rather return to the hospital. This time the nurse was more polite and more informative. Of course, I was angry. I was with my husband and then joined friends who played badminton with me earlier for yumchar. Then suddenly it came to my mind that going against the psychiatrists, now obviously it is shown that they have absolute power, is stupid. So instead I change my mind. She offered to come to my home to give me the injection of Olanzapine and stayed there for three hours to make sure I’m ok and I cannot do anything apart from accepting treatment. When I asked her if I could have my devices as I need them to continue my work. She said that that could not be guaranteed. Just imagine, if they put me in ICU which they did, I could do nothing except eat, sleep, loiter around; there will be no mobile phone, no laptop, and my plans will have to be stopped. My plans are just about to see results and staying in the hospital means all have to stop, my life will be ruined without being able to exercise my plans. I’m 71, how much more time do I have to do what I so want to do? Then I told myself, accept the treatment and then I can compare without treatment and with treatment and I can continue to carry out my plans. This is the best way to show how the side effects affect a patient. If it proves that the treatment does me good, great, again I believe that ‘this time they got the medicadtion right’; but if my life is turned upside down with those side effects then I have every right to stop taking them. I don’t believe I am not strong enough because I succumb to their desire, I am even stronger. I put my body out to do the test just to let people know that the side effects are an important issue to mental health patients. So I sent a message to my key worker as follows
    ,after talking to the nurse from Waimarino this morning, I have second thoughts. Ok I'll take treatment at home but I need the psychiatrists to be honest with me, I'm searching for answers and please give me real ones, and I need to know the dosage, and will I be given olanzapine only, and how often. I also need to have a copy of the full side effects
I am now waiting for a reply.

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