18 Feb

I am very fortunate to have been born at a time and place when there was no war. I wrote about wars without really experiencing them. What I’ve learned about the cruelty of wars is from films, from the media, from books, from my mother who has experiences of the second world war when she was little. But my feelings for those who have suffered from wars are real. I would really like to write more about wars, to advocate peace by showing the cruelty of wars. If anyone has experienced wartime atrocities and would like to share them with me such that I could write their stories in the hope of sharing their pain please send me a message or email me. I’m particularly interested in those who suffer mentally due to their experiences with wars. Here is a poem I wrote on war:

 A lady dressed in kimono

A calm morning,

the river is still;

in the fog came a fair lady,

dressed in black kimono –a garment in silk.
She’s here to visither beloved

who she lost in war;

no tears, no glory,he’s not a hero

but a victim who died in the hands of ambitious politicians!

In wars, there is a no-win situation. Those countries that are involved no matter the ones who invade or the ones being invaded all lose as people from their country die, innocent people.

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