10 Jul
I was feeling really happy yesterday so I wrote this poem:
Like a child
Given sweets
Like a maiden
Who finds love
Like grandparents
Given a grandchild
She discovers a new sensation
One that brings her joy
One that brightens her up
She’s been waiting
For the moment
That brings her out of distress

But this morning I woke up to learn that a very close friend has died and a good friend will be homeless tomorrow morning, the government cannot help (Winz); she reached out to friends and the best she could hope for is to buy a van and live in a van. I really don't understand why she is not qualified to have an emergency house just because she cannot part with her only relative, a pet dog, here in Auckland who has kept her company and give her love to help her to struggle with terrible times.

Unexpectedly, sadness can follow happiness. Of course, we can never be prepared for what may come, but we must learn to handle whatever situations. Stay positive is my advice. Somehow, no problem cannot be solved, just keep hoping, keep trying and reach out for help.

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