22 Sep

I really appreciate the slogan ‘Be Kind’, this is in fact the first time I’ve come across such a slogan from any government. It is particularly amazing that it is taking effect among quite a lot of Kiwis. I am seeing more people who are polite and kind. However, there are people who are so radical just because they felt they are not getting freedom to threaten the politicians who are running their campaigns. What are they doing is, in fact, infringing on other people’s freedom. There are leaders who stir up our community on the pretext of freedom, arouse fear among the citizens just to get popularity. Take a good look behind their intention, are they really working for the general good or just for their selfish pursuit? New Zealand has been quite a safe country, we walk around feeling safe, and now these lunatics sending threats to people who try to run the country, they must be either misled or like children throwing tantrums when they couldn’t get what they want! Please list out your discontent, what kind of freedom you’re not getting and let people judge if your reasons are sustainable. Whereas,  I believe we are living in a country where we get a lot of freedom!A

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